Schedule and Final Program


9:00             Conference Start (Robertson Lecture Theatre) Chair: Ben Schwessinger

9:05-9:15     Allen Rodrigo (Director RSB) and Kiaran Kirk (Dean CMBE)

9:15-10:00   Aidan Byrne (Keynote Speaker) Building your research career in the Australian research landscape


10:00-10:30 Coffee break


10:30-12:20 First talk session (RLT) Chair: Dominique Potvin

10:30-10:42 Esther Rajendran (BSB) Dining with parasites

10:43-10:49 Mitzy Pepper (EEG) Phylogeographic structure across one of the largest intact tropical savannas: Molecular and morphological analysis of Australia’s iconic frilled lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii

10:50-11:02 Hugo Alonso-Cantabrana (PS) On the way to a C4 rice

11:03-11:15 Susanna Venn (EEG) How can alpine shrubs make snow?

11:16-11:28 Britta Forster (PS) Challenging 3.5 billion years of evolution: Improving plant photosynthesis by hijacking cyanobacterial systems

11:29-11:41 Florian Busch (PS) Nitrogen assimilation linked to photorespiration can enhance CO2 assimilation in plants

11:42-11:54 Danswell Starrs (EEG) Using water chemistry to explore the spatial ecology of European carp in the Upper Murrumbidgee River

11:55-12:07 Benjamin Rae (PS) Cyanobacteria

12:08-12:20 Nijat Imin (PS) Plant peptides regulate growth and development in response to the nutritional and other environmental cues


12:20-13:30 Lunch and Poster session (Slatyer Lecture Theatre)


13:30-15:00 Second talk session (RLT) Chair: Elena Martin Avila

13:30-13:42 Megan Head (EEG) The dangers of excess peeing

13:43-13:55 Susan Breen (PS) Understanding the Parastagonospora nodorum – wheat interaction; is it as simple as we think?

13:56-14:08 Brendon Conlan (PS) Improving Rubisco biogenesis – Improving crop yields

14:09-14:21 Eric Rittmeyer (EEG) Comparative biogeography of reptiles across the Torres Strait

14:22-14:34 Michael Cheah (PS) 18O isotope enrichment of Photosystem II

14:35-14:47 Angela McGaughran (EEG) Genomic diversification through space and time

14:48-15:00 Diana Ramirez-Garces (PS) Characterising CRN protein effector activities of the phytopathogenic oomycete Aphanomyces euteiches and the distant related chytrid Batrachotritium dendrobatidis


15:00-15:20 Coffee break


15:20-16:45 Final talk session (RLT) Chair: Sally Potter

15:20-15:25 NECTAR – ANU

15:26-15:36 Tim Brown (PS) Virtual reality demo

15:37-15:49 Jeff Nanson (BSB) Targeting the FASII reductases of Neisseria gonorrhoeae as novel treatment options to combat drug resistant gonorrhoea

15:50-16:02 Pip Wilson (PS) Genome Wide Association Studies of Brachypodium distachyon in variable climates

16:03-16:15 Iliana Medina (EEG) Picky chicks: specialisation in avian brood parasites

16:16-16:28 Dan Rosauer (EEG) A phylogenetic approach to lizard conservation in Northern Australia

16:29-16:31 Megan McDonald (PS) Utilising gene trees to identify virulence genes

16:32-16:44 Carsten Kulheim (EEG) Chemical and transciptome analysis of resistant and susceptible Eucalyptus genotypes to the insect pest Leptocybe invasa


17:00-18:00 Poster session (SLT) and Keynote Speaker: Amber Beavis EMCR roadmaps: stories of the transition from PhD to permanency

18:00-late    Dinner outside in the courtyard

Posters (Slatyer Seminar Room)


  1. Nijat Imin (PS) CEP peptides as regulators of primary root growth
  2. Brendon Conlan (PS) Improving Rubisco Biogenesis – Improving Crop Yields
  3. Meisha-Marika Holloway-Phillips (PS) Does transpirational-advection influence the δ18O of mesophyll water?
  4. Florian Bush (PS) Analysis of the sensitivity to O2 and CO2 as a tool to explore the processes limiting photosynthesis
  5. Hugo Alonso-Cantabrana (PS) On the way to a C4 rice
  6. Steve Eichten (PS) Adaptation via the ‘Extended Genotype’ – DNA methylome variation among low diversity populations of Brachypodium distachyon
  7. Norman Warthmann (PS) Measuring Similarity of DNA Sequencing Runs from Raw Data – Fast and Alignment-free
  8. Philippa Wilson (PS) Investigating the genetic architecture of growth and fitness traits in Brachypodium
  9. Jennie-Ann Mallela (EEG) A Tobago brain coral provides a long-term record of South American river runoff, tropical climate variability, and shifts in coral growth
  10. Elena Martin Avila (PS) Optimising expression of chloroplast made Rubisco small subunits
  11. Britta Förster (PS) Understanding post-translational regulation of cyanobacterial bicarbonate uptake & its application in improving C3 photosynthesis
  12. Chaminda Pradeep Ratnayake (EEG) Prospecting network predicts selective social information gathering in a heterospecific bird community
  13. Sally Potter (EEG) Comparative phylogeography of lizards across the Australian Monsoonal Tropics
  14. Nick Matzke (EEG) Trait-dependent dispersal models for phylogenetic biogeography, in the R package BioGeoBEARS
  15. Peter Crisp (PS) RNA dynamics during stress recovery in Arabidopsis
  16. Ryan McQuinn (PS) Identification of leaf development-associated apocarotenoid signal and its regulatory/transcriptional targets
  17. Trevor Murray (EEG) Quantifying navigational information: The catchment volumes of panoramic snapshots
  18. Vincent Chochois (PS) Analysis of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii’s CCM using isotopic exchange and MIMS
  19. Dimitri Tolleter (PS) Chloroplatic CO2 and bicarbonate permeability modeling
  20. Ben Long (PS) Ben Long Improves Plants
  21. Arun Yadav (PS) Translational research to develop drought tolerant wheat
  22. Anna Flis (PS) Circadian clock-gated regulation of nitrogen metabolism by carbohydrate availability
  23. Alexander Ivakov (PS) High-throughput chemical genetics in plants
  24. Benjamin Schwessinger (PS) The rice immune receptor XA21 recognizes a tyrosine-sulfated protein from a Gram-negative bacterium
  25. Robert Sharwood Determination of the underlying physiology and photosynthetic biochemistry contributing to thermo-tolerance and water use efficiency amongst cotton genotypes
  26. Marina Trigueros (Cariboo Design) You discover. We describe